Emotional/Mental Distress and Substance Use Disorders

Mental health problems and drug abuse problems frequently manifest together. This is becausecertain controlled substances can cause individuals with a dependency to experience several signs and symptoms of a mental illness
Mental illness can often times lead to alcohol or substance abuse, as some people with a mental illness might misuse these substances as a form of self-medication
Mental and drug use disorders share some rudimentary causes, encompassing modifications in brain composition, genetic vulnerabilities, and early exposure to anxiety or trauma
More than one in four grownups dealing with major mental health problems likewise has a drug use issue. Drug use issues occur more commonly with various mental health issues, including:

Stress and anxiety conditions
Personality disorders
Substance Use Disorders
Substance use disorders can describe drug use or substance dependence. Symptoms of drug use disorders might encompass:

Behavioral changes, such as:

Drop in attendance and performance at work or academically
Commonly starting trouble, (scuffles, mishaps, illegal activities).
Abusing substances in physically hazardous circumstances like while running a machine or driving.
Taking part in suspicious or deceptive habits.
Modifications in appetite or sleep patterns.
Inexplicable change in personality or attitude.
Unexpected mood swings, impatience, or ill-tempered tantrums.
Onset Of Alcohol Withdrawal Typically Begins 6 Hrs.-- 24 Hrs After The Last Alcoholic Beverage of unusual hyperactivity, frustration, or giddiness.
Lacking motivation.
Appearing scared, anxious, or paranoid, without any explanation.

Physical changes, such as:.

Bloodshot eyes and unusually sized pupils.
Abrupt weight loss or weight increase.
Dilapidation of physical appearance.
Unusual scents on clothing, physical body, or breath.
Tremors, intoxicated sounding speech, or reduced coordination.

Social changes, such as:.

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Sudden change in friends, preferred stomping grounds, and spare time interests.
Legal issues connected to substance use.
Inexplicable need for money or financial issues.
Using substances even though it triggers issues in relationships.

Recovering from Mental Health Problems and Substance Use.

Someone with a mental health problem and drug use problem must treat both problems. Therapy for both mental health problems and drug use conditions might encompass rehabilitation, medications, self-help group, and talk therapy.

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